US Cellular going to Sprint

Due to the current developments US Cellular is being bought out by Sprint! This has raised numerous concerns by the current US Cellular customers. Lets face it WE are getting tired of being over charged for service. Sprints average bill is about $150 and that price consists of all common wants and needs with this smart phone era plus HIDDEN FEES!! Watched the news showing the high concerns in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio by current US Cellular customers; either wanting to buy a new phone or upgrade, want more info about US CELLULAR GOING TO SPRINT, ETC. The concerns were basically unanswered with no direction by US CELLULAR GOING TO SPRINT. No more being tricked into getting a contract only for the hottest phone and a month later they come out with another phone! You are right, you are stuck in a contract left dry! Time to get everything you want in a phone, no contract, unlimited talk,text,web $35/month, ANY UNLOCKED PHONE you want! Wow imagine that!

US Cellular going to Sprint equals families around the world saving money in their household! Questions are; “contract w/ talk,text,web or no contract w/talk,text,web?”, “$150+ a month w/ contract or $35 a month w/ NO CONTRACT?”, “Select phones w/ contract cell phone company or ANY UNLOCKED PHONE OF YOUR CHOICE w/ NO CONTRACT?” You’ve been waiting patiently for the answer and answer to ALL of the questions and concerns is there you will find your imagination come true! $35/month TALK,TEXT,WEB ANY UNLOCKED PHONE OF YOUR CHOICE (ALL I PHONES INCLUDING I PHONE 5) NO CONTRACT!!!!!!!!


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